Peak Gold

Source: Peak Resources – Peak Gold

Notable excerpts:

“It was the Romans who used gold as their national currency system – something that helped the Roman empire thrive for five centuries. Unfortunately for the Romans, Rome started to strip their currency and devalue it as spending increased. Which is one of the reasons why their grand empire ended in 476 A.D.”

“Gold has no flag or allegiance.”

“Only 1 in 6300 (gold) projects go into production.”

“As of 2012, roughly 60% of gold demand is met from mine production. The rest came from recycled gold. This is a dramatic gap in supply and demand.”

“There are two important trends to observe as we go forward – 1. Gold is becoming more expensive to discover, (cost of) liquid fuels are rising along with labor. 2. Gold is becoming harder to find, ore grades are declining and high-grade deposits are extremely rare now.”


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