Dutch Bank ABN Amro Halts Physical Gold Delivery (Mar 2013)


Source: Fox Business – ABN Amro Ceases Precious-Metals Delivery Service for Dutch Clients

Dutch bank ABN Amro Holding NV (ABNYY) told its customers in the Netherlands that it would no longer physically deliver precious metals effective April 1, in a letter seen by Dow Jones Newswires.

ABN Amro had previously offered its Dutch clients the option to receive their physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium holdings as part of an agreement with Deutsche Bank Netherlands, a ABN Amro spokesman told Dow Jones via email. However, Deutsche Bank Netherlands opted to suspend this service as of April 1.The change concerns only a few hundred clients, the spokesman said.

Source: Silver Doctors – Dutch Bank ABN Amro Halts Physical Gold Delivery

The Cyprus/ Eurozone crisis has just intensified, as Dutch Bank ABN Amro has sent a letter to clients this weekend informing them that they will halt extradition and physical delivery of their clients’ gold holdings effective April 1st! No worries however, Amro ensures its clients that there is no need to panic or do anything rash (such as remove your phyzz prior to April 1st: “We ensure that we have your investments in precious metals now the new way to handle and administer.”


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