One In Four Germans ‘Would Back Anti-Euro Party’ (Mar 2013)


Source: The Telegraph – One in four Germans ‘would back anti-euro party’

Notable excerpts:

But the poll conducted by TNS-Emnid for the weekly Focus magazine showed 26pc of Germans would consider backing a party that wanted to take Germany out of the euro and as many as four in 10 Germans in the 40-49 age bracket would do so.

A new eurosceptic movement called ‘Alternative for Germany’ (AfD) comprising mostly academics and business people is due to hold its first meeting later on Monday in a northern suburb of Frankfurt.

Let’s put an end to this euro!” is the message on the front page of its(AfD) website.

“The Federal Republic of Germany is in the deepest crisis in its history. The introduction of the euro was a fatal mistake that is threatening our prosperity. The old parties are grizzled and worn out. They are stubbornly refusing to admit their mistake and correct it,” it said.

The eurozone crisis has featured less on the front pages of German newspapers since the European Central Bank vowed last summer to buy up unlimited quantities of sovereign debt if necessary – in return for strictly binding austerity commitments – to save the common currency.

But many Germans, including at the Bundesbank, are deeply uncomfortable with this ECB pledge and last month’s inconclusive election in Italy, where anti-austerity parties performed well, has reminded Germans that the crisis is far from over.


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