What Do Gold Measurements “Troy” Ounce and “Karat” Really Mean?


Source: munKNEE.com – What Do Gold Measurements “Troy” Ounce and “Karat” Really Mean?

Notable excerpts:

Definition of a ”Troy” Ounce

“A “troy” ounce (ozt) is a unit of imperial measure for weight that dates back to the Middle Ages. Originally used in Troyes, France, it is most commonly used to gauge the weight and therefore the price of precious metals. One troy ounce is equivalent to 1.09714 avoirdupois (our conventional every day measurement) ounces – i.e. 9.714% greater in weight – and 31.1034768 grams. 1 kg. consists of 32.1507466 troy oz.

Definition of “Karat”

“The term “karat” is used to describe the unit of measurement for the proportion of gold (i.e. % purity of the gold content) in a piece of jewellery, coin, ingot or bar.”

“Gold will often be mixed with “filler metals” such as silver, palladium, platinum, nickel and even copper to combat the softness of pure 24 karat.”

“Gold which contains a degree of silver, platinum or palladium is referred to as ”white gold” and will classify with a higher amount of karats while the presence of nickel leads to a slightly lower designation of karats. Copper is used to give gold durability and give it a golden rosy tone.”

“Below is a table outlining the karat designations at various gold purity levels plus the extent of ”fineness” as is used in some countries such as Italy.”

Karat/Fineness     Gold Content [Purity]
24 karat                   99+%
22 karat/917           91.6%
21 karat                    87.5%
20 karat                   83.3%
18 karat/750           75.0%
15 karat                    62.5%
14 karat/583           58.5%
10 karat/417           41.7%
9 karat                     37.5%
8 karat                     33.3%
1 karat                      4.2%


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